Make It OK : call out for evaluator

4 October 2017

An independent evaluation is required for successful touring exhibition “What Do I Need to Do to Make It OK?”, to measure the project’s achievements against targets originally set out in the application to Arts Council in early 2015. The evaluator’s report will be included in the final report submission to ACE which is due in early 2018.

This exhibition is an examination of how we reconcile ourselves to damage and repair in stitch-led practices focused on five artists, all of whom were commissioned to make new work for the exhibition. The artists are Dorothy Caldwell, Saidhbhín Gibson, Celia Pym, Freddie Robins and Karina Thompson. The project has a strong participative programme and has been to eight venues in England and Northern Ireland, concluding at the last and current venue, Rugby Art Gallery & Museum on 4 November 2017. (Further information on the project can be found elsewhere on this website. )

The evaluator’s job will be mainly desk-based, but it is possible that s/he may meet with the curator, who is based in London. Attending the final exhibition event on the afternoon of Saturday 4 November 2017 at Rugby, which involves the curator and four of the five exhibiting artists, may also be useful, although not essential.

The evaluation should review the quantitative data collected by the curator and venues in the form of exhibition days, audiences, artists’ employment, income and expenditure, as well as the curator’s interim reports to Arts Council England. A qualitative assessment should also be made, to look at the results of the tour against artistic objectives; views of the host venues and participating artists.

For full brief and details of fee, please contact: Applications are due by Monday 16th October 2016 and the work must be completed by early January 2018.


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