Installing ‘Beauty is the First Test’ at Bilston Craft Gallery

This touring exhibition was at Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton from 7 September to 2nd November 2013. The space is a similar size to the main gallery at NCCD but architecturally it works in a very different way, as internal partitions divide into three zones. The space can be very bright with its integral fillets of windows along both sides of the roof, and the general feel, with elegant pillars at the sides and plaster molding, is slightly art deco.

The Bilston staff, led by exhibition officers Carrie and Natalie, were great to work with.


In addition to the usual team of staff and volunteers we were joined by Cath and Mark, technicians from WAVE who had special scaffolding skills which we needed to put up Lesley Halliwell‘s largest drawings. The technicians blogged about this tricky but exciting installation. What they didn’t show was how we’d rolled out Lesley’s giant drawings the day before and carefully weighted them with books on tissue paper to remove the curls in the paper.


The results were worth the effort.


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