Holland Paper Biennial at The Knitting & Stitching Show 2010

I was invited by Creative Events to create an exhibition based on a curated selection of artists from the Holland Paper Biennial 2010, to be shown at The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. This project originated at Museum Rijswijk in a suburb of The Hague, in the Netherlands. Selection and installation were hard work but we think the gallery,  a very large one for “K&S” looked great and we had many lovely comments about it.

I brought works from around half of the artists in the original Netherlands show: Desiree de Baar, Kuin Heuff, Boukje Voet and Ton Zwerver from the host country; Peter Clark from the UK; Katharina Dettar, Alexandra Deustch, Lydia Hirte and Susanne Holzinger from Germany; Gjertrud Hals of Norway; Javier Leon of Spain; Chiaki Morita and Noriko Takamiya of Japan; Riki Moss from the USA and Janna Syvanoya of Finland. The works varied from small jewellery and sculptures to large suspended installations.

Rob Kennard and I both took pictures.

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