Beauty is the First Test – film by Electric Egg

Neil Baker and Steve Hatton of Electric Egg film an interview with David Gates

Part of this project involved a new film commission made by Lincoln-based Electric Egg. They took as their starting point my sentence: “In craft we seek to explore the relationship of the process to materials, of hand to form, of eye to object.”

The film, conceived of and created by Neil Baker and Steve Hatton, is an experimental and conceptual exploration of the craft and work of five artists from the exhibitions. Neil and Steve sought to explore how mathematical concepts underpin the artists work and tecnhiques, and how maths theory supports the development of their work.

The filmmakers a spent a day with each of the artists, Gail Baxter, David Gates, Stella Harding, Carol Quarini and Margo Selby, to learn about their craft and work and to film the environment in which their work is created to create a film that not only shows how they interact with mathematics, but also how their environment and the tools at their disposal shapes their work.

The film was funded by the Arts Council of England’s Grants for the arts scheme and is part of the touring exhibition “Beauty is the First Test” which was created by Liz Cooper which is exhibiting across the UK in 2013 and 2014.

Directed by: Neil Baker & Steven Hatton
Produced by Electric Egg & Liz Cooper


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