London Craft Week 2019: The Future of Craft

In late 2018 I was in dialogue with Sophie Cain at Coin Street Community Builders who own and operate the Oxo Tower Wharf complex. Design-Nation had successfully shown in their Oxo Gallery in 2017 during London Craft Week and I’d hoped to bring a show back to that space for LCW19, but availability was proving tough. Sophie suggested the Bargehouse next door, an amazing atmospheric building, but spread over 5 floors with difficult access in places and limited lighting.

It seemed quite a challenge but we liked the idea of working together and Sophie quickly brought in Louisa Pacific of Future Icons to create a triumvirate programming partnership. We drank a lot of coffee and chai latte, and created a major new feature for London Craft Week: The Future of Craft. Amazingly we filled 12 of the 13 rooms with makers and designers, and had a great film installation in the 13th room, in partnership with the Crafts Council. We built relationships with many other partners and sponsors, and it was so successful we’ll do it again in 2020.

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